Saturday, March 1, 2014

Plugins reworking and loosing devtime

I decided to improve to rework the hole game and gameidea. I wanted to use the killerwave plugin
from the Assets store that i bought in the past for spawning, layer filtering, waves etc...

It look all so simple but then i was fighting to get it working because there were some issues with 2D colliders etc. It ended up working 5 hours back and forth and nothing really get done. 

That suck out alot of my postive energy to trying to finish the waves.

Finally i have to remove the 2D colliders and use 3D raycast instead of 2D. Then i learn how to use alot of the functions from the plugin and figure out it will help me alot in the long run.

I really big issue with Unity and plugins etc. Why is everytime everything so difficult?

I want to dev a game not fly to the moon. Sometimes it overall complex stuff and tool is giving me headaches.

I hope in the next update i can show more progress and show hopefully some gameplay stuff
and the raycast line that i use for spotting the player;)

Have a nice weekend.  Take care! Keep making games and dont give up;)

Layer Filter: enemyweapon and enemyship
means that the player only dies if he got hit by that layer.. Means only by the enemyship etc...

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