Saturday, January 25, 2014

Enemy Ship Behavior and State Machine...

I hope have all a great weekend. Decide yesterday to add a State machine.. for animation and some behaviors.

Looks like i need more time for that project progress was not that good.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Working on the Mini Boss ;)

Progress is going well, but not that fast as i hoped. I have still alot to learn in Unity..

But i am doing my best so far... Learning Unity and dev a game is hard;)

Soon more updates. Take care..

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Update Shield working on the Enemy shield

Sry for no update had a hell weekend. Got the shield targeting right now the enemy shield and finish up the first scene and starting working on the second scene and the boss fight...

The game will be endless and has several waves and one big boss. This will repeat frequently with high difficulties and different behaviors from the enemies and attacks.

I will show more of my current games in future and try to frequently update the blog..

Alot of games are planned this year i hope all works out...

Have a great week.. cu until the next update...

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Again a small Update

Still a bit sick and my sons too. I trying to update more but really tired not much sleep at all.

Back to the topic;) Working on the Ship for the Player and the Enemy ships.

Its seems to be a really ambitions project and it will take more time then excepted.

For Touch controls and more i decide to use the pushyinput maybe from pushypixels.

Learn alot from their tuts so far:

Some stuff can be redone and add to my game.

So a quick screenshot and then i wish you a great weekend take care

Plans for the weekend. Shield working on both Player and Enemy,
Enemy can activated it but have cc etc...

Friday, January 17, 2014

Small Update

Sry i catched a flu. I trying to recover last 2 days.

Next is finishing the first wave adding the animation and more (shield etc)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spotting the Player and Shooting from Enemy ships

More will Come;)

Sry for no update yesterday, but i had alot on work on it... And i really slow;)

I got the raycast working for the spotting the playership from the enemy finally.
Ran into some weird behaviors but finally it works...

Now i need to add the moving down attacking etc. 

I think the first wave will be soon ready...

Shot: is a Prefab with the Laser
Shot spawn is a gameobject were the laser got spawn and shoot
Check is again a gameobject for the raycasting. its will be use like a point. 

Fire rate: Is for how long it takes that the enemy can shoot again...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Formation, Waypoints etc.

Worked today on a formation for the enemy ships with waypoints.

The raycast for shooting is tomorrow on my plan. Formation movement is not perfect
but i need to get it running for the first alpha.

Since i want to make some special i watched alot of youtube video from other old
games to have so references.

Most games the ships on top move everytime similar and shoot frequently,
but the ships in the bottom formation attack.

I think the animation is setup i just need to increase the speed a bit and give them waypoints route
to attack the player...

For the avoiding laser shoot from the enemy ships like a behavior i will use a box collider or raycast with using a gameobject and different layer.

I saw one version that the ship moves away if you shoot too direct at it. And you need to calc the movement etc if you want to hit it.

Sry the screenshot looks awful but i will update a better one tomorrow.

Take care...

Waypoint with Gameobjects as Points

My idea was to make some of the behaviors with waypoints. Since i knew here is a plugin
and alot of tuts how to do it. I knew one by Hummelwalker that would fit in great..

It took me not long but now most parts are done. It is possible to use values or points 
with gameobject and the ship will move like that.

That will help me to make more variety for that game.

My workflow is not the best with unity right now it takes alot of time and hard w
ork but i hope i can improve that...

On some parts i really miss corona sdk but its seems always miss the past.

Next needs to be a gameobject child for the enemies ship that can be use for spotting the player
and give them the ability to shoot which they are near the player.

I think the best way is to do it with raycast and layers in unity.

When thats done i will work on the shield that some enemies will use it right or break the waypoint avoid the laser shoots from the player.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

About space game unity...

First entry;)

Its been a while since i wrote a blog but i thought finally i should start one again to write about my
game development and progress from my games. 

I am current working on around 4-5 games.  I prefer to make remakes or start with old ideas..

This week i worked alot on my space game. Three or four months ago i switch full to 
unity 3d.

Learning a unity and making a game is really hard but i try to get used to it..

I want to make the game like the old Phoenix from Atari 2600 since there is an Arcade version too i thought to mix it a bit...

Lets start the Journey. First i picked the 2Dtoolkit for 2D and KillerWave for Spawning.

Progress so far player ship can move left and right shoot.

Have a nice week end will update today;)